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Kee's Creampuff @ Subang Jaya

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Having tried Kee's Creampuff since their opening, it will soon celebrate their 3rd anniversary come July '15. During this time, I have seen that they have received good media exposure, and their product extension plan seems to be going on well, where they introduced their savoury creampuffs during late September 2014. 

Makes you wanna go in to have a bite or two 
Using orange as its core color, one will see the vibrant color making up big signages outside, inside, wall color, and any items that represent their brand.

Inside seating 
Kee's Creampuff carries 3 range of puffs, from classic creampuffs, their original taste, premium creampuffs which sees option of flavors such as blueberry, chocolate banana, cookies and cream, and in total, it has 15 flavors, which includes their specialty flavor, the durian creampuffs.  

For those who isn't up to have creampuffs, they also offer cakes, tea and coffee. 
Yummy tasting creampuffs and cakes on display 
Kee's Creampuff has attractive set meals, which in fact is a good idea to opt for.

Options of set meals 
In the past I have tried their range of classic and premium creampuffs, and I was really curious on how their savoury creampuffs taste like.

Kee's Creampuff is baked made out of choux dough mixed with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan. To add on more elements, they infused parsley and thyme in their puff. 

I took their savoury puff set, which came with choice of 2 puffs, garden salad and chips, and 1 cup of americano or tea. With RM1.50, we can upgrade to cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate. 

The puff carried a slight crisp on the top part of the puff. Within the puff, they gave real generous portion of the filling. 

We opted for the sour cream and chicken ham bits. This was extremely delicious, and was truly appetizing due to the sourness taste from the sour cream and the chicken bits gave a good texture to the taste bud. 

The curry chicken with walnut prove to be a good combination, as the curry tasted yummy, ain't too spicy, chicken was in good size, and overall the crunchiness of walnut makes this a much recommended choice. 

Savory Puff Set. Price-RM13.80 

Curry chicken with Walnut (L) and Sour Cream & Chicken Ham Bits (R)
Kee's uses arabica made of Columbia beans, supplied by Hot Shots at Publika. The bean is of single origin, thus one will be able to taste how this Columbia beans taste like.

This indeed was a good cup of coffee, creamy and strong coffee flavor. 

Latte which came as part of our set (normal price-RM8)
The other available set was the Creampuff Tea Set, that comes with 2 creampuffs and an americano or tea. The price of set differs by selection of the type of creampuffs, with price differs from RM9, RM10 or RM11 for choices of classic, premium or durian puffs, respectively.

We took the durian puff set which is priced at RM11 (ala carte price would have been RM5.60 for puffs + RM7 for tea = RM12.60).

Seriously, the durian creampuff was insanely yummy, filled with its pure, creamy durian pulp. Kee's Creampuff's recipe for their puff differs from those available in the market,with theirs carrying a much softer texture. The durian paste was light enough for me to not me want more, yet thick enough to satisfy my craving for durian.

Durian Puff (normal price - RM2.80 per pc) 

Doesn't this make you wanna gobble down the durian puff? 
The tea bag they used was of good quality, and gave blossoms smell of the calming flavor of the chamomile. 

Chamomile Tea, which is part of Creampuff Tea Set (normal price - RM7)
This is indeed the right food, for someone that is looking for light food, dessert or party food. 

Kee's Creampuff 
Subang Branch (HQ) 
30-G Jalan USJ 9/5Q, 
Subang Business Centre, 
47620 Subang Jaya 

Tel : 017-384 2813 

Business Hours : 10am - 9pm (Tue-Fri), 10am-8pm (Sat), 10am-7pm (Sun)
Closed on : Mondays 

Bangsar Branch 
12A (1st Floor), Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru 

Tel : 013- 277 2748 

Business Hours : 11am - 9pm (Tue-Fri), 11am-8pm (Sat), 10.30am-7pm (Sun)
Closed on : Mondays 

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Original plan to eat elsewhere diverted to Restoran Chang Rai, as the other restaurant wasn't open. Blessing in disguise does happen when my buddy recalled this yummy Thai restaurant she once had near Cheras area. 

From the outside, the restaurant looked pretty ordinary, but my impression of this place immediately changed when our food was served.

Entrance of Chang Rai 
When asked for recommendation between the Red or Clear Tom Yum soup, the lady recommended the Red type. We went with the recommendation and we were pleased that we did. 

Although it does looked pretty oily, but one sip to the soup, we smiled... The overall taste of spiciness was well balanced by the mild sourness apparent from the broth. The richness  and fragrance of the soup that derived from the raw ingredients and herbs used in the making of the Tom Yam paste was highly satisfactory. Adequate seafood which includes prawn and squid were used, with lots of abalone mushroom. 

For a mere cost of RM18, this is a pot of soup that is very much worth it.

Tomyam Seafood. Price-RM18

The fish cake was tasty, with the right texture for my tastebud. Taste wise, thumbs up, and I just loved the fragrant of the spices used within.

Fish Cake. Price-RM12
The paku vege was real fresh and I love the slight crunchiness when biting this breed of vege. It is not too leafy yet just enough to fulfill our need for vege. Stir fried with sambal and  onion, this plate of paku was highly delicious.

Paku Vege. Price-RM12

The talapia fish was fantastic. It was absolutely fresh, and the lime juice used, together with cuts of chilli and garlic made this entire dish so appetizing and smells good. 

The fish shape platter used for this steam fish was the traditional type whereby it uses charcoal, and it kept our fish piping hot throughout our meal.

Talapia Fish, Lime Steam. Price-RM40
The pandan chicken came in a much bigger size that what I usually have in other Thai restaurant. Of all dishes, this was the only let down to us. It has a strong fragrance of the spices used, however, lack taste. It was bland, which somewhat suggest that perhaps they forgot to add the salt. Look wise, it surely gotten a pass. 

Pandan Chicken (min 4 pcs). Price-RM3 each
The 3 of us left with almost bursting stomach. Highly satisfied, with double LIKES for all dishes, except for the Pandan Chicken. Am also very satisfied with the whole dinner price that came to RM108 including 2 coconuts.

Definitely a recommended Thai restaurant serving authentic Thai dishes, for those coming or live near to this area. 

Restoran Chang Rai Thai Food 
27 & 27A, Jalan Bunga Tanjung 18, 
Taman Seraya, Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-4288 5257, 012-694 7996

Business Hours : 11am-11pm 

FB link, here
Website link, here


Again I made my visit to Shisha Lounge. This is just a post to show what I had during lunch. 

I often find myself craving for them, so I just had to order both chicken dishes. 
Their chicken is just fantastic.  Tasted so good, with excellent marination done.

And they offer super good deal for lunch. On the right is their chicken breast kebab offered as part of set lunch which cost only RM15, which includes that, a plate of saffron rice, salad and a can of soft drink. Ain't sure where else to find such good deal. 

As for the chicken on the left hand side, its Chicken Kebab on bone. Its only available for ala-carte  ala-carte order. Because it taste so good, I was even willing to order it despite it cost more than double of the set lunch price. Super yummy. I almost can't help myself even as I'm sharing this.

Chicken Kebab on Bone. Price-RM35 and Joojeh Lunch Promotion. Price-RM15

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Nosh-Up @ Atria, Damansara Jaya

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I am indeed a little excited to check out the revamped Atria exactly 1 month after it reopened on 28 May 2015. I had an extremely good feeling stepping into the mall, and walking from one end to the other, I am caught with slight surprise that the space that used to be occupied by the previous Atria was indeed this spacious. 

As I walked pass Nosh-Up close to noon, I see that it is really packed. A good sign to try out this restaurant. From the amount of crowd, the ambiance of the restaurant, mix of its food offering, and when this came to my thought "Really, Rm10 soup?", I just felt that their price will not be throat cutting. PASS.. ENTER!

Nosh-Up has a very contemporary design, vibrant colors yet not overly done, and warm lighting. 

Inviting entrance to Nosh Up
On their side wall, they use simple wording like 'Eat, Enjoy, Satisfy' to express what they are to deliver to their customers, and to the end of the premise, there lies a more colorful wall, that gives a rather 'homey' feeling. 

Their selection of food offering combines Asian Fusion which really gives comprehensive varieties whereby one can get to savor western choices of soup, salad, main meals that ranges from western to asian, breakfast set, western main meals, very good choice of desserts and many options of drinks. 

The fact that they have good amount of crowd at the same time, waiting time was rather reasonable, and I see that food is being served rather promptly.

I am happy with the choice of Minestrone soup as a starter. It was not the usual plain garlic bread that came together with the soup, but rather, it is 2 slices of bruschetta that is toasted with some cheese. They tasted really yummy, and the soup is even better. The soup is flavorful, with almost half of it filled with what is used to boil the soup. It comprises of celery, potato, zucchini, onion, and carrot. The ingredients are to my interpretation of what I see, as they are all mixed up with some carrying almost the same color. 

Italian Minestrone. Price-RM10

My friend ordered their Leek and Mushroom Chicken Pie. We love how the used the wooden flat board to present the food. It came with delicious bowl of creamy mushroom, chicken and leek, baked with cheese on top, the very flaky and light in texture pie, the greens, and a piece of some potato.

Chicken, Mushroom & Leek Pie. Price-RM22

I like some surprises within my food thus I order the Grilled Chicken Duxelle as it has mushroom stuffed in the chicken. My little heart is jumping with joy when I am presented with this compelling plate of very mouthwatering plate of food. 

First that went to my mouth is the salsa by the side. It was sourish enough to open up my senses to food. The saute vegetable taste absolutely divine. I am not sure what is added to marinate them, but the tastiness of this is insane! The most satisfying saute vegetable I ever had! 

I tasted the sauce before I poured them in, and it carries taste of spiciness. However, it worked out perfectly when mixed with the rest of the food. I also like the healthy baked sliced potatoes and some vegetables. 

There are lots of mushroom stuffed within the chicken. Mushroom is flavory, and goes so well with the chicken. Chicken taste is good, but because its chicken breast, I think much stronger marination is required, as the other parts of the food within this plate seems to overtake the taste of the chicken.

Grilled Chicken Duxelle. Price-RM29

The fridge that display their cake should be feeling proud by what it is displaying. The cakes  all look so alluring and the particular 2 that catch my eyes are the macadamia cheesecake, and their tiramisu coated with plenty of caramelized almond. Price wise, RM14-RM15 a slice is consider standard, and in fact, reasonable, given the fact that in return one gets to taste cake that is made with the best of ingredients. My stomach disagrees when I try to convince to take on some dessert. I like that I now know how to put a stop to the volume of intake. Haha. Soon, I will be back!

Cakes that looks heavenly 

I am pleasantly surprised when the bill came together with a 15% discount. This is being offered as their opening special which is valid till 30 June 2015. 

I can't wait to be back to try out their other offerings, with a bigger crowd, definitely. 

Food - 9/10
Price - 10/10
Service - 8/10 
Ambiance - 10/10 

Atria Shopping Gallery 
Lot C33, Concourse Floor, 
Jalan SS22/23, 
Damansara Jaya
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

Tel : 03-7733 8238

Business Hours : 10am-10pm daily (last order is at 9.45pm)  

FB link, here


One of the most recommended F&B outlet by friends to me of late was the Mei by Fat Spoon where I was told they serve very interesting Japanese fusion food. I had in the past saw recipe book by this 2 sisters that runs Mei, where the recipes shared are beyond the ordinary ones, and they cleverly add different ingredients to add twist to the otherwise could have been ordinary dish. With that, great anticipation surrounded me when I headed towards this outlet last week. 

I somewhat missed the spot when I passed by for the first time as the sign of their name was mainly on the glass door. Much sunshine goes through its glass window by the front and side of the outlet.  A feeling of freshness gushed through me as I stepped in. Just loved the simplicity of the place where they used mainly whites as part of their interior design. 

The outside of Mei by Fat Spoons 

Certainly very packed during lunch time

Drink counter and cash register area 

Overall, I find that they have good selection of food and drinks. Plus point is that, their prices are reasonably priced, as compared to many other F&B outlets. I liked how they name their juices, from Red, Green, Orange, Yellow and White, describing the colors of fruits used to derive with the juices. 

I ordered the Red Juice, which comprised of red dragonfruit, watermelon, apple and goji berries. Tasted naturally good, with dragonfruit taste being more apparent than the rest. 

Dina ordered the Yellow Juice, which comprised of passionfruit, honey pineapple, banana and lemon. Slightly sourish, this was just the right drink to open up anyone's appetite.

Red Juice. Price-RM12, Yellow Juice. Price-RM10
As starter, we took the Hokkaido Scallop and the Lychee Tartare. Just imagine yourself eating sashimi scallop, where you get to taste the largely chopped scallop, coupled with canned lychee, placed on top of lightly blend sauce, and accompanied by cuts of spring onions and fresh baby tomatoes. Refreshing offering.

Scallop and Lychee Tartare. Price-RM28
Sashimis are always welcomed by Japanese food lovers, and me being one, couldn't resist to order their bowl of rice that seemed to offer many good stuffs in one order. 

I was absolutely happy with presentation of the bowl of rice, mainly because the freshness of the fish and ingredients which seemed to brimmed onto me, and I love the combination of the colors. Natural and bright. 

Freshness indeed is the most crucial when it comes to Japanese food, and thus, this order certainly fits the bill. Generous amount and size of salmon were provided, avocado, japanese cucumbers, pickled, ikura (I just love the feeling of my tongue bursting them inside my mouth) and shreds of seaweed. The mixed texture felt by the tastebud was certainly satisfying. It ranged from crunchiness of the items, combined with softness and freshness of the fish, mixed with bits of wasabi to each bite - and all this combined, made a good bowl of rice.  

Within the rice, was the light homemade sauce which tasted just nice. Not too salty yet carried enough taste to give you a good balance of being able to taste the natural ingredients from all the good stuff that came with this order.

Salmon, Ikura and Avocado. Price-RM28

Salmon, Ikura and Avocado. Price-RM28. Upon mixed up, still look so good.

What my friend ordered was in fact very similar, with an exception of additional scallop and yellowtail fish. I love how fancy they have named this dish, the Summer Bara Chirashi Bowl. This would be much recommended for hard core fish lovers, as it had the salmon fish, salmon roe, yellowtail, and scallop as well.

Summer Bara Chirashi Bowl. Price-RM38

This place definitely calls for another visit soon, and when I stole a look at their spaghetti,, being ordered by a customer seated next to me, I have already planned in mind to have that the very next time I'll be here. 

Mei by Fat Spoon 
22G, Jalan 27/70A, 
Desa Sri Hartamas 
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2300 3327

Business Hours : 11am-10pm 
Closed on : Mondays 

FB link, click here


I don't really fancy buffets, but being a regular to visit to Groupon website, this particular deal caught my attention. Priced at RM56.90 per person for Japanese buffet, I found this deal enticing, as 1 order of few kinds of sashimi could have costed us this much. 

For a friend's birthday celebration, I suggested to try out Sozo buffet. I liked the fact that this is an entirely ala-carte buffet, whereby all orders were made fresh upon ordering. For those who prefers non buffet, they can select from their ala-carte menu, however, in comparison to the prices, its very much worth it to actually go for their buffet. 

This place actually got crowded close to 8pm, and I love their simple clean environment inside, and ample of outside seating available. 

Inside & outside of Sozo
With the 3 of us, we looked through their hundreds of items list in their menu. We do not want to overeat, thus we pace our orders according to capacity of our stomach. 

Actually arrangement of food are not in sequence of the eating time, as many food were served at the same time. 

The chawanmushi despite not being too smooth, tasted divine with generous portion of salmon roe on top. I love how the roes were crushed by my tongue.

As for the fried shrimp, crispy and aromatic. Good start to our dinner.  

Koebi Karaage and Ikura Chawanmushi
We were indeed very pleased with freshness of each of the items that were served to us. I loved their handroll with tempura prawn, filled with just enough amount of rice, wrapped with crispy seaweed. 

The appetizer being the Chuka Lidako (octopus), Chuka Kurage (jellyfish), Chuka Hotate (scallop) were all served chilled, and love the crunchiness of each.

The mango soft shell crab were absolutely fresh and the soft shell crab were fried till really crispy, with apparent size of it. It has a vinegar-ish taste of its homemade sauce.

The shisamos were in just the right size, and fried till real aromatic. I liked the feeling of biting the eggs in shisamo's stomach. Hehe..

From top left (clock-wise) : Handroll, Chuka Kurage, Chuka Hotate, Mango Soft Shell Crab Salad, Edamame, Chuka Lidako, Shishamo

We ordered a plate of the Sashimi Moriawase that came with 5 kinds of raw fish plus salmon roe, to be so-called taken as our starter. They were cut to generous size, and we could totally taste the original raw taste of the fish, which ranged from salmon, tuna, and raw prawns.

Despite it being a norm for Japanese meal to be well presented, the placement and effort on all these sashimis always gave me a much pleasant feeling. We absolutely can't wait to dig in. 

Served chilled on ice & what a lovely presentation
We also placed additional order of raw fish, salmon belly and oysters to fully satisfy our fondness of these raw goodies.
Second serving of sashimi, salmon belly and oyster that we had
The Saba Shioyaki tasted so fresh, that we could taste each part of its flesh. Pan fried till superbly fragrant. 

Oyster wise, it was truly lip smacking. To be frank, too small size makes you feel like you are not eating anything, but too big, will give the effect of overwhelming. Sozo served just the right size of oyster, that made us slurping them right into the mouth, yet chewable and tasted so rich in its vitamin. 

Also separately ordered another extra 5 pieces of salmon. Yummy yummy. 

Saba Shiyaki, Salmon & Oysters
To be frank, we were so enticed with their pictorial seen in their menu, and tempted to order more, yet, we had to suppressed our greedy desire, but gave in to one last order of the unagi roll. I loved the crispness of the bbq eel  that was used on top of this roll, and compact sushi rice wrapping around the crabstick and tamago (grilled egg). The entire roll was drizzled with teriyaki sauce to complete the 'look'. 
Unagi Roll
Upon the dinner ended, and despite the overfulfilled stomach capacity, we took some risk by still trying to squeeze in small scoops of ice-cream. Burp burp burp! 

This is definitely THE recommended place for Japanese buffet. As freshness and deliciousness of food is present in every way.

Food - 10/10
Price - 10/10 
Service - 9/10 
Ambiance - 9/10

13-G, Block A, Sunway Giza, 
Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya. 
Tel : 03-6143 712

Business Hours : 10.30am-10.30pm daily 
FB page, click here


For a special dinner with my BFF, I searched for some ideas of recommended eateries around PJ. Read some reviews on Trip Advisor, and Frontera at Jaya One seems to have gotten many positive reviews. 

In fact, I have passed by Frontera countless times in the past, thus these reviews that I read online did help in getting additional businesses for some F&B outlets. 

The feeling I got when I stepped in was it was very simple, with minimal decorative items that represent the feel of a Mexican restaurant. We chose the inside seating, with apparent bright orange color walls that exudes warmness and cosyness of Frontera. 

Entrance of Frontera
My BFF started with plate of Caesar Salad. This was a plate of fresh romaine lettuce served with their homemade Southwestern Caesar dressing, and topped with some tortilla strips to add in the crunchiness to the tastebud. Some shaved Parmesan cheese were also included in this salad. 

Overall all their food were presented in a absolutely neat manner. Nice. 

Southwestern Caesar Salad. Price-RM11.95
All main meals came with Mexican rice. Main ingredients to make consisted of white rice, tomatoes, garlic and onion. 

One of my dinner companion had the Tex-Mex Burrito, whereby it was homemade flour tortilla filled with shredded chicken (option available for beef too), refried beans and cheese. 
Very tasty with the cheesy wet cheese accompanying each bit of the tortilla filled with chicken. 

Tex-Mex Burrito. Price-RM19.95 
The Enchiladas Nortena is corn tortilla wrapped with fillings, and this particular one that we ordered was the roasted beef. The entire corn tortilla was oven baked, and then served with more slow roasted beef, topped with cheese. This style of cooking made the beef much softer, and the juiciness of the beef was truly satisfying to the stomach. Sides included the beans, cooked in a nice sauce, pico de gallo (tomato salsa), and Mexican rice. 

Enchiladas Nortena (Beef). Price-RM32.50
Me and my bff had seafood, and throughout eating, we were just nodding our head, with sense of satisfaction apparent on our faces. 

She had the maple glazed Salmon, whereby the salmon was flame grilled, cooked to just the right level, to bring out the pure taste of salmon. It was then glazed with maple chipotle, served with Mexican rice, and saute vege. 

Maple Glazed Salmon. Price-RM37.50
I was craving for prawns thus went for the Seafood Skewers. One of my best choice of food I ever made. It came with 3 skewers, with each consisted of 2 big prawns, 2 chunks of salmon, bell pepper and mushroom at one end of the skewer. I was highly satisfied with the portion, and the taste. It tasted divine, with just the right balance of aroma and natural sweetness of of the ingredients. 

The sides consisted of guacamole and pico de gallo. Healthy and tasty. The combination of the Mexican rice, the skewers and the sides were just right to deliver a satisfactory meal. 

Seafood Skewers. Price-RM39.50
It has been a long time since I had such an awesome dinner. We were all very pleased with our food, and am certain to be back to repeat the same order, and try out their other offerings. 

During my dinner, it was apparent that most of its air-conditioners weren't working well, and for the one working that was close to where we were sitting, it has some water leakage. Overall, it was rather warm. The interior and furniture seemed a little over-used, and some slight touch up wouldn't definitely give their patrons a much better experience.

Food - 10/10
Price - 9/10
Service - 8/10 
Ambiance - 5/10

Frontera, Sol of Mexico
18-G-2 Palm Square, Jaya One, 
72A Jalan Universiti, 
46200 Petaling Jaya 
Tel : 03-7958 8515

Business Hours : Tue-Sun 12noon - 12mn (Fri & Sat close at 1am)

FB link, here